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Personalized divination

your path is unique. your reading should be, too.

Dead reckoning is a method of navigating that estimates where you are now based on where you have been. People throughout time have been reflecting on their journeys to figure out the next step, a safe path, the way home. For nearly as long, tarot has been an important tool for guidance and inspiration. 

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The witch is in

my name is alex and i believe in magic.

I have been practicing witchcraft for most of my life and no matter how far I wander, tarot remains my spiritual home. While any person can use tarot as a tool for growth on their journey, I personally practice it in its most magical form - as a means to understand potential futures, communicate with the spiritual world, and peer into the wild unknowns of our own hearts.

My magical practice is rooted in gender expansive, radical feminism. Spiritually, I identify most with traditional witchcraft and racially inclusive Asatru, but I am not a faithful adherent of any one sect. We all come to magic from many different paths, and I have found the most power in continuing to practice in my own unique way.